Company Overview

Since 2015, Fondation Capital has been a recognized visionary in real estate investing, providing its clients precisely what they value most: a bold, strategic point of view backed by a solid leadership position.

Fondation Capital operates with the confidence that comes from proprietary market relationships. We actively seek out exceptional real estate opportunities based on the tenured market opinion, deep synergies of expertise and balanced perspectives of our senior management team. Disciplined and deliberate, we uncover opportunities, create value and unlock potential.

At it’s core, Fondation Capital is a private real estate investment and asset management firm that acquires, re-develops, and stabilizes properties in markets throughout New England. Our focus is acquiring properties with a value add component ranging from re-positioning to full scale re-zoning and development. In stabilized properties we force appreciation by making capital improvements, enhancing management and reducing operational inefficiencies. In development projects, our expertise in local re-zoning procedures enables us to maximize the value of property.  Our mission is to create communities that residents are proud to call home while generating strong returns for investors.